Echoes is a exploration game based in a bat. You take control of a bat and you can use the echolocation to see the cave. The objectives of the game are find your bat friends and get power-ups to improve your echolocation.

Why you must try echoes?

  • Waves (The echolocation reveals the environment)
  • Graphics (Style based on neon graphics)
  • Sound (The sound of the game helps you to identify the environment)

This game won the 1st prize in the sound section.

This game was made during the Global Game Jam 20 – 22 January, 2017 in Malaga, Spain.



  • Ángel Romera Martín
  • Nuria Alba Martínez
  • Sergio Font Gómez
  • Victoria Castro Casquero


  • Juan Francisco Mora Palomino


  • Felipe Milano Curto